A Positively Unifying Song with Mindful Lyrics and Upbeat Music

Kathryn the Grape's heart-centered mindful media continues to expand and encourage everyone to ripple love, kindness, and peace.

Love Kindness, and Peace

Kathryn the Grape’s Love, Kindness, and Peace is a heart-centered mindfully inclusive song with positive lyrics and upbeat music that encourages a universal call to action for everyone to ripple love, kindness, and peace. Kathryn the Grape (Kathryn Cloward) was inspired to write this song to illuminate goodness and to serve as a reminder that each of us has the power to create ripples of change. With so much turmoil and separation in our local and global communities, Love, Kindness, and Peace is a joyful message of hope.

"We are the hope for humanity. All goodness starts with you and me."

Singing Together

Singing along with Kathryn the Grape to "Love, Kindness, and Peace" is easy with these printable lyric one-sheets available in full color or black and white.

PDF Lyrics - Full Color PDF Lyrics - Black & White

Love, Kindness, and Peace Credits

Songwriter - Kathryn Cloward
Producers - Kathryn Cloward and Daniel Fritz
Arranger, Instruments, Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Daniel Fritz
Drums - Esteban Rotunno
Bass - Noel Little
Lead Vocals - Kathryn Cloward
Backing Vocals - Andy Delos Santos
Feature - Samara Frances
Vocal Engineers - Colin Althaus (Kathryn) Roy Silverstein (Samara)

Directors - Kathryn Cloward and Carlyn Hoyt
Cinematographer and Editor - Carlyn Hoyt
Producer and Writer - Kathryn Cloward

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