Hello, my name is Kathryn Cloward. When I was 11 years old, my softball coach nicknamed me “Kathryn the Grape” because I wore purple all of the time. A fun adaptation of Catherine the Great, Kathryn the Grape was an easy way for him to remember my name and an endearing way to honor my purple passion.

Decades later, I brought my childhood nickname and favorite childhood outfit to life in this series to help children have self-loving tools for understanding and expressing their feelings. Through Kathryn the Grape, children are exposed to mindfully created books, songs, and videos with social-emotional character development themes about kindness, self-love, gratitude, joyfulness, compassion, inclusivity, empathy, friendship, resilience, and conflict resolution.

I enjoy being of service to humanity by creating and sharing heart-centered mindful media one book, one song, and one video at a time. Thank you for being here!

For Young Readers

Kathryn the Grape grows with children.

Let’s Read Together Series: Starting with nursery rhymes, Kathryn the Grape meets children as toddlers and grows into mindfully inclusive social-emotional character development stories with simple and rhythmic storytelling. This expansive collection is well suited for children of various reading levels from ages three to seven.

Affirmation Series: As children continue to grow, so does Kathryn the Grape. Bridging the gap between simple illustrated stories and chapter books, this seven-book collection is perfect for eager readers ages six to eight. Its first-person storytelling introduces social-emotional character development concepts and mental health wellness tools centered on self-awareness, self-reliance, compassion, vulnerability, internal dialogue, thoughtful decision-making, acceptance, empowerment, self-worth, and positive affirmations.

Kathryn the Grape is Real: Dressed in the replica of her favorite purple outfit from childhood, Kathryn the Grape is engaging for children as an illustrated character in books and on-screen plus as a real person in videos and at concerts. 

Ripple Love

Heart-Centered Mindful Media

What we feel about ourselves on the inside ripples out to others in our everyday lives. When we feel self-love and self-kindness, we ripple love and kindness to others. Kathryn the Grape teaches this concept to children through a rainbow of affirmations and a treasure box of tools of love in her books, songs, and videos. Helping everyone understand how to ripple love and share their colorful rainbow of love is the core purpose of this series. That’s why the logo for Kathryn the Grape includes a rainbow of rippling hearts.

Purple Powered Purpose

About Kathryn Cloward

Kathryn Cloward is a storyteller. As a bestselling author, award-winning songwriter-artist, performer, producer, and director, her creative work shares mindful messages with multigenerational audiences from toddlers to seniors. Known as "Kathryn the Grape" to children, Kathryn brought her childhood nickname to life in a media series to provide them with social-emotional character development tools through entertaining and educational books, songs, videos, and concerts.

Kathryn founded Kandon Unlimited, Inc., an independent production and publishing company, to house and protect her intellectual property rights and ensure the integrity of Kathryn the Grape as a brand remains grounded to its mission and purpose. Kathryn's catalog of published works includes 29 books, 150 published songs, and over 200 videos.

Throughout her expansive career of company ownership as a heart-centered entrepreneur, Kathryn has been recognized for leadership and mentorship with honors that include the Women in Leadership Award, Women Changing the World Award, Woman of Distinction Arts Award, and over 60 Family-Friendly Media Awards. She has consistently poured her energy into amplifying issues that help others thrive. Kathryn has written impact songs for organizations supporting children braving cancer, rare disease awareness, and teen refugees. She is a contributing editor for Guitar Girl Magazine. Kathryn is also a Voting Member of the Recording Academy and has been a GRAMMY Awards® balloted artist multiple times.

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