Kathryn the Grape Music

Believe - Kathryn the Grape Songs for Kids of All Ages

    1. Colorful You
    2. Maggie
    3. Nervous Bubbles
    4. The Friendship Song
    5. Magical
    6. Believe
    7. In the Flow
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    family choice award kathryn the grape
    Family Choice Award
    mom's choice award kathryn the grape

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    About Kathryn the Grape's Award Winning Music:

    Join Kathryn the Grape and friends in singing and dancing along to the award-winning music of BELIEVE Kathryn the Grape Songs for Kids of All Ages. Having already received two Family Choice Awards and a Mom’s Choice Award for excellence in family-friendly media, this collection of vibrant songs combines positive and affirming Kathryn the Grape lyrics and dynamic music with pop beats that kids, parents, and grandparents enjoy together.

    One of things that makes the songs on this award-winning CD extra special is that Kathryn Cloward (the original "Kathryn the Grape") invited six everyday kids—not professional performers—to sing backing vocals. Since childhood, Kathryn dreamed of singing on a music album of her own, and she wanted to give a similar dream opportunity to local youth.

    Each song links to the first three books in the Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series:

    • In KTG Just Like Magic, you learn about being MAGICAL, and how to get rid of NERVOUS BUBBLES.
    • In KTG's Colorful Adventure, you learn how to shine COLORFUL YOU as MAGGIE leads the way.
    • In KTG's Piece of Love, you learn to BELIEVE that we are all love, and how to be IN THE FLOW.
    • Everyone will enjoy dancing along to our energetic theme song titled, THE FRIENDSHIP SONG.

    Production Credits

    • Executive Producer: Kathryn Cloward
    • Producer: Astra Kelly
    • Engineer: Josh Mallit
    • Recorded and Mixed at Capricorn Studios
    • Mastered by Joe Goodwin

    Writers and Performers

    • Songwriters: Kathryn Cloward and Astra Kelly
    • Lead vocals, Guitar, Percussion: Astra Kelly
    • Bass: Tony Swanson
    • Beats: Josh Mallit
    • Keys, Beats, Bass: Bryan Stratman
    • Background Vocals: Astra Kelly, Kathryn Cloward and "KTG Kids" (Audrey Koepke, Conner Fitzgerald, Ella Koepke, Kailee Fitzgerald, Nick Hatch, Zara Irshad)

    All of these songs were written and produced by Kathryn Cloward and Astra Kelly.

    What are people saying about Kathryn the Grape's music?

    "The performances are buoyant, the accompaniment is excellent, and the feeling we get form this set of musical thoughts is both uplifting and fun."
    ~ Grady Harp, Top 50 Reviewer on Amazon.com

    "It brings joy to my heart to hear my six-year-old daughter sing, 'I am magical, I am unique, there is no one else like me.' Kathryn the Grape's songs are not only catchy and joyful, but they are teaching my daughter valuable tools that she will carry with her each day."
    ~ Sara Schairer, Founder of Compassion It

    "Imagine the power of kids listening to tunes that will inspire greatness!"
    ~ Angela Moorad, Founder of OMazing Kids, LLC

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