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High performance Tubi Exhausts
Do you own a car particularly a Porsche car? Owning this type of luxury car has comfort and

safety in them because they are built for that.

After several months of designing, testing, re-designing, and re-testing, finally Champion

motor settled to the perfect Tubi Exhausts solution. Tubi Exhausts gives you excellent

performance and provides an extra horsepower plus there is the ability to create the sound

of power when you want it. This Tubi exhaust system for 997-2 replaces both side mufflers

and eliminates the rear center muffler replacing it with a cross over bypass system. In

fact, one of the things that make these Tubi Exhausts so unique is its ability to have an

aggressive sound when you want it but remains completely tame under normal driving



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porsche airbox
Porsche Motorsport

Tubi Style exhaust systems offer: 
• Hand-crafted;
• 304 stainless steel construction;
• Compatibility with O.E.M. mounting points;
• Significant weight savings—50 percent lighter than O.E.M.;
• 7 percent horsepower increase with O.E.M. catalysts;
• Lowered engine bay temperature;
• Post-catalyst installation; and
• Distinctive sound

Visit to check on their great selections of accessories and the

best exhaust system like the Tubi Exhausts. For questions, you can call their toll free

number (800) 775-2456. Have fun and enjoy riding your newly customized vehicle.