Kathryn the Grape
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The Story Behind Kathryn the Grape®

Kathryn the Grape little girl

How a Childhood Nickname Became a Character

The idea for Kathryn the Grape® to be a children's book character originally came from Kathryn Cloward’s mother, Mary. In 1999, Mary shared with her daughter a desire to write a children’s book centered on a character named Kathryn the Grape— the grade school nickname Kathryn affectionately acquired from her softball coach, the late Nello "Mr. P" Pierozzi. At age 11, Kathryn welcomed the fitting moniker, a fun adaptation of "Catherine the Great," because she loved the color purple and wore it every day. While mother and daughter had discussions about bringing the stories of Kathryn the Grape to life, the momentum initially wasn't there; it simply wasn’t the right time.

Messenger of Love

It wasn’t until January 2009, when Kathryn experienced significant life changes, that the messages and purpose for Kathryn the Grape became clear. As Kathryn journeyed through a season of tremendous personal transformation, she started to develop authentic and unmasked self-love while tuning into the awareness of what makes her uniquely magical, colorful, and love (the affirmations she shares in her first three books). After being awoken a few days in a row at 3 a.m. with the message, "get up and start writing Kathryn the Grape," streaming through her consciousness, Kathryn listened to this intuitive call to action and starting writing the stories of her life. The more she wrote, the more she was infused with clarity that she was meant to be a messenger of love purposed to help her son, and people of all ages, have tools of personal responsibility and empowerment. She takes nuggets of wisdom gained through her own life experiences and simplifies them for others to enjoy and easily absorb into their consciousness. Kathryn is mindful that every message shared through Kathryn the Grape carries an intention to teach, inspire, heal, and awaken the inner child within all of us.  

Rippling Loving Kindness

Kathryn is intentional about honoring the people who have had a positive influence on her life and helped her fulfill her purpose by including them as characters in her books. She has also invited a variety of people to assist her in rippling loving kindness throughout the world as she makes apparent the vision that was ingrained in her consciousness and infused in her heart years ago. Kathryn the Grape's ripple effect has reached a worldwide audience as more and more people welcome this vibrant messenger of love into their homes and hearts.

About the Original "Kathryn the Grape"

Kathryn Cloward

Kathryn Cloward is an award-winning author, songwriter, and entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Kandon Media Group (Kandon Unlimited Inc.). As a purposeful messenger of love, Kathryn has earned national praise and multiple awards for her Kathryn the Grape® series of books and music. Through her illustrated likeness, Kathryn has been intuitively guided to share her unique and important consciousness shifting messages with the world. With over 15 years of successful entrepreneurial experience, Kathryn’s professional and creative choices exemplify the entrepreneurial zest of a self-starting, self-motivated visionary who has directed her internal drive and creative flow to creating opportunities for herself and others, all the while moving in the direction of fulfilling her dreams and her life’s purpose. She has received recognition for her inspirational and purposeful work in recent years including four Mom's Choice Awards, four Family Choice Awards, San Diego Metro’s 40 Under 40 Award (2012), Startup Nation’s Leading Moms in Business (2012), and San Diego Magazine’s Women Who Move The City (2013). Kathryn lives in her native San Diego, and enjoys spending her spare time singing, writing, and bike riding with her son.

Find out more about Kathryn at www.KathrynCloward.com.