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Kathryn the Grape Live Music Shows with Kathryn Cloward and Lori Wilson

Kathryn the Grape's Music Shows with Lori Bright Light and Friends

Birthday Parties, Special Events, Festivals, School Assemblies and more!

Kathryn the Grape blends musical talents with Lori Bright Light and friends to share a vibrant collection of engaging and positive songs for kids of all ages. Having already earned three nationally recognized awards for excellence in family-friendly media, the music of Kathryn the Grape is fast becoming popular with families everywhere. Through their live performances at festivals, parties, benefit shows, special events, and school assemblies Kathryn the Grape and Lori Bright Light are captivating audiences with positive messages of love mixed into vibrant and dynamic songs.

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What People are Saying:

"I am the PTO President of a K-8 charter school in La Mesa, and the Lead Organizer of our yearly Spring Festival. Kathryn the Grape has performed at these festivals the past two years and is beloved by all our families. Her songs not only have positive messages, but also enjoyable upbeat melodies that get the kids up and dancing. This year, Lori Bright Light accompanied and was a fantastic addition. We hope they will be back for many years to come!"
—Faye Hudson, PTO President at Sparrow Program NUA

"Kathryn writes and sings beautifully about positivity in her work as Kathryn the Grape. More than that, she exudes those same characteristics in real life. She's always a joy to work with."
—Steve Denyes, Songwriter/Performer of the Award-Winning Music of Hullabaloo

"It has been such a pleasure and a joy to have the talented Kathryn Cloward on the Natural Family Fair Music stage. The bright light that shines from her heart is captivating and engaging for young and old alike. We were honored to have her generous and lively spirit in the mix and look forward to collaborating with her again in the future!"
—Amy Saloner, Co-Founder and Former Director of Natural Family Fair

About Kathryn the Grape ~ Kathryn Cloward:

Kathryn Cloward is an award-winning author, songwriter, and entrepreneur. She has channeled her unique messages of love into engaging and dynamic stories and songs for kids of all ages through her childhood nickname, Kathryn the Grape. For as long as she can remember, Kathryn has heard melodies and lyrics streaming in her head. As a young girl, one of her greatest joys was writing songs and performing them for her dolls in the sanctuary of her own room. She always dreamed of one day sharing her songs with the world. Kathryn has journeyed a long way from performing in her bedroom; she has performed on a variety of stages through the years and now is fully living her dream! Beyond writing songs for the Kathryn the Grape audience, she has recently released two Kathryn Cloward music CDs filled with songs of her personal journey of transformation and unconditional love.
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About Lori Bright Light ~ Lori Wilson:

Lori Wilson has been a professional musician for 25 years. She taught herself how to play guitar as a young girl after promising her brother she'd be able to play his guitar by the time he returned home from serving our country in the Vietnam War. When he did return home, she was well on her way to becoming an avid guitar player, singer, and more! Lori taught music appreciation and produced musical assemblies for 14 years at Murray Manor Elementary School, and also led family-friendly "sing-a-longs" at corporate and private parties. She has been in a variety of singing groups and bands over the years including singing in an A cappella trio for 12 years that did many local Big Band/USO shows. A lively songwriter and composer, Lori enjoys writing and performing songs for audiences of all ages. She lives in San Diego with her husband and enjoys spending her spare time hiking, reading, writing, and attending music festivals with friends.