Kathryn the Grape
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Kathryn Cloward's School Assemblies for K-12:


Empowering Students With Personal Responsibility & Accountability

The Ripple Effect Assemblies

Every moment of every day we make choices. From the moment we get up in the morning until the moment we fall asleep, our day is filled with choice point moments.

Each choice we make has a ripple effect. It is up to us to choose what our ripple effect is. We are responsible for the thoughts we think, the words we say, and the things we do.

In this educational and inspirational assembly, Kathryn the Grape's Kathryn Cloward will empower students with personal responsibility and accountability for the choices they make. Just like the lessons taught in her third book, Kathryn the Grape's Piece of Love, Kathryn will challenge students to choose to ripple loving kindness, acceptance, and compassion into the world. With this unique author visit, Kathryn weaves into her presentation a wonderful balance of educationally rich content about the creating, writing, and publishing process, while also igniting students with inspiration to believe in themselves and follow their dreams.

If you are looking for an engaging, motivating, and inspirational guest speaker to help your students understand the impact that their choices have on their lives and everyone around them, WHAT’S YOUR RIPPLE EFFECT? is the perfect choice!

By attending this assembly, students will:

• Be empowered with understanding how their thoughts, words, and actions have a ripple effect.
• Understand the impact of their choices on their own life, and everyone they encounter.
• Be inspired to do their best in school and in life.
• Learn about how they have a piece to contribute to helping others and our planet.
• Walk away from the assembly with a RIPPLE EFFECT daily challenge!

The Ripple Effect piece

For information about booking Kathryn Cloward for an assembly,
please email --> info(AT)kathrynthegrape(DOT)com
or contact Kathryn directly here.

"Kathryn brought literature to life for all of our students K-5. Students were engaged with her story and message. When the assembly was over our students were not ready to say goodbye to "Kathryn the Grape." This inspiring author visit is a must for every school."
~ Julie Bankes, Principal, Loma Elementary School, Spring Valley, CA

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