Have you ever wondered where the name "Kathryn the Grape" came from? Or why Maggie is so important to Kathryn the Grape? Do you want to know more about Jennie Dog and Lacigam (a.k.a. the monster under Kathryn the Grape's bed)? Here's the place to find answers to all your questions!
The Story Behind Kathryn the Grape

The message of Kathryn the Grape is clear to all who wish to see it…to those who are determined to live a purposeful, magical, colorful life. These stories are a journey, a process of discovery, a gateway into embracing your inner magic.

The Kathryn the Grape Fund

Did you know that $1.00 from every book sold on KathryntheGrape.com is donated to nonprofit agencies? It's true! Find out more about how we give back through the Kathryn the Grape Fund.

The Characters and Symbolism of Kathryn the Grape

There is much more significance to the characters in the Kathryn the Grape books than meets the eye. Check out the lexicon to find out more!

A Tribute to Nello "Mr. P" Pierozzi -
The man behind the name: "Kathryn the Grape"

Kathryn the Grape is a tribute to Mr. P—to a man with magical influence and everlasting reach. This series pays homage to him, to a remarkable softball coach, who granted Kathryn Cloward the nickname that has ever since colored her life....

Meet the Kathryn the Grape Team!

Kathryn the Grape is a passionate endeavor for everyone on the KTG team. Meet the magical and colorful team of women who are responsible for bringing this important project to life!