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A note of gratitude from Kathryn

Posted on May 02, 2012
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Hello friends,

I just received word that "Kathryn the Grape" is one of the winners of StartupNation's Leading Moms in Business competition with a ranking of #40 out of 200 awardees! This is thrilling news!

I want to personally express my gratitude to you for your support in this competition! Your votes and heartfelt comments mattered tremendously. Many of you voted everyday for many weeks, and I want to thank you for your daily dedication to helping the meter achieve "on fire" status!

I also want to take this moment to thank you for being part of the Kathryn the Grape journey. It is impossible to do the purposeful work being done through Kathryn the Grape without you! Thank you for reading our books, listening to our music, and sharing this important work with your friends and family.

If you have been with us for a while, then you already know that Kathryn the Grape is not just another children's book character. Kathryn the Grape is a messenger of love, brought to life through positive and affirming books, music, radio shows, and resources for the sole purpose of helping our precious children develop authentic self-love. LOVE! For, I believe, that when we love and accept ourselves as we are completely, we are able to naturally ripple authentic loving kindness, compassion, and acceptance to others. I believe this to be true, not because I read it in a book or heard it at a seminar. I believe it to be true because I have lived it. It was through my own personal journey of transformation and love of authentic self that I was led to fulfill my life's true purpose through Kathryn the Grape.

I am personally passionate about helping my son and children everywhere experience love. I believe it is through love that we will transform our planet one child, one book, one song, one radio show, and one message of love at a time. I hope you will continue to help us ripple messages of loving kindness, compassion, and acceptance everywhere.

Thank you for helping us do what we do. Thank you for being messengers of love!

Kathryn Cloward

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