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Grape Endorsement from a Grape Maker

Posted on Jul 11, 2014
A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Howard Leonhardt. It has been wonderful becoming friends with him and getting to know how this innovative and socially conscious man has created countless ripples of wonder throughout the world. One of the many businesses Howard owns is a Leonhardt Vineyards, an endeavor he co-owns with his son, Ryan.

Earlier this year, I asked him if he would consider endorsing Kathryn the Grape and he joyfully agreed. This is what he shared about my work:

"Giving the gift to a child of inspiring them to be the best they can possibly be is the greatest gift anyone can give another. Kathryn's book does just this."
~ Howard Leonhardt

Howard's endorsement is printed on the back of the newly released paperback version of Kathryn the Grape Just Like Magic, which is available at Amazon.com, and on the testimonial page of this website. It's pretty awesome to have a grape entrepreneur support my grape messages!

The Leonhardt Zinfandel is now on the shelves at Trader Joes. If you enjoy wine, I encourage you to try this selection.

Howard Leonhardt

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