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Four Year Anniversary Reflections:  Don’t Second Guess. Don’t Delay.

Posted on Dec 12, 2014
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12/12 is an anniversary date for me as it was four years ago today that I officially launched Kathryn the Grape. While there are many things I'd love to say about the incredible journey I have traveled to share the stories and lessons of my life through illustrated me (and tease some of the cool things we are creating for 2015), I realize that the only thing to share that really matters to me today is a note honoring Mr. and Mrs. Pierozzi.

When I was a a young girl, "Mr. P" was my Navajo softball coach. He always made me feel special. In my own skin as an elementary school girl, I felt awkward and dim. But Mr. P always had a way of making each and every one of us girls feel like we were the brightest star in the universe. He was always encouraging and loving!

At the age of 11, he nicknamed me "Kathryn the Grape" because I wore purple all of the time. Even as I grew into my adulthood, whenever I'd see him riding around the lake on his beach cruiser, he'd stop and joyfully inquire, "How are you doing, Kathryn the Grape?" He also always asked about my mom, which I thought was sweet. Mr. P passed in January 2007, and there were so many of us Navajo girls at his memorial. His positive impact rippled through countless lives, and multiple generations.

Five years ago, as I was working through the layers of creating stories and building a brand from scratch, I felt a strong urge to re-connect with “Mrs. P” (Marcia) and tell her about what I was doing in honor of her husband's imprint on my life. One morning, my angels were extremely persistent in giving me the message to GO SEE MARCIA. It was a work day and I had plenty of things going on, but the message was strong and it wouldn't go away. Having grown accustomed to trusting the energy flow of being guided, I got in my car and drove to the Pierozzi house. I was trying to figure out what I'd say to her if she was home, particularly since I was showing up unannounced and completely out of the blue. In a moment of doubt I thought about not stopping at all.

But as I drove up to the house, in that exact moment, Mrs. P was standing in the driveway with her purse and coat in hand!!! Had I delayed any longer that morning, she would not have been home. She waved and smiled at me as I pulled up. When I got out of my car she said, "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were the person I was waiting for." I laughed, "Well, I may not be the person you were expecting. But I have something important to share with you."

From that moment on, we connected quite regularly for the next few years. She was a special guest at the 12/12/2010 Gratitude & Grapes launch party I hosted to thank those nearest and dearest to me who helped bring KTG to life. This photo of us is from that event.

Yet over the past two years, I slowly lost contact with Mrs. P. This morning she lingered in my mind for quite a while. Then when I picked up my mail, I had a photo Christmas card from her and her daughter. Recognizing synchronicity and the energy around her in my life today, and the apparent changes that the last few years have had on Marcia, I knew I couldn’t delay any longer and I needed to reach out. And that is exactly what I did this afternoon.

I share this story because I want to encourage you to recognize those moments in your own life when energy flows through you to reach out to someone who matters to you. When you feel the desire to connect with someone, do it. If there is someone who has had a positive impact in your life, tell them. If you need to ask for forgiveness from someone you weren’t your best self with, ask them.

Don’t second guess! Don’t delay! There is always, always, always a gift in connection.

You never know who could be standing in their driveway waiting for a message of love from you.

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