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Silver Coins of Love

Posted on Apr 05, 2014
Silver Coin

In each book of the Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series, I share two important things with readers:
1.) An "I am" affirmation.
2.) A "magical" gift from Maggie, which is really an internal tool of awareness and empowerment for children.

Five years ago on May 5th (my birthday), my friend Jeannie, gifted me with a silver coin with the words "I am magical" on it. I am forever grateful to Jeannie for her magical gift because it planted a seed of inspiration in my consciousness that would become the foundation for so many things.

In fact, it had only been a few months since receiving the silver coin that I woke up on a Friday morning with the story for my first book streaming in my mind. That was only days after the idea of the dream catcher looking magic wand came to me during a women's group. I was in the flow of creativity and I knew it. I felt it!

"I am magical" is the affirmation in Kathryn the Grape Just Like Magic (book #1).

A silver coin with the words “I am love,” is the gift Maggie gives Kathryn the Grape in Kathryn the Grape's Piece of Love (book #3).

Why am I sharing this? I want to remind you to pay attention. You never know when inspiration will be channeled through you, or gifted to you through another messenger. I encourage you to pay attention to signs, and trust that the sign you think might be a sign...is a sign! Also, always remember to express sincere gratitude to those who help you along your path. Gratitude matters.

May you always remember that you are magical, you are colorful, you are love.

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