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Silver Coins of Love

Posted on Apr 05, 2014
Silver Coin

In each book of the Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series, I share two important things with readers:
1.) An "I am" affirmation.
2.) A "magical" gift from Maggie, which is really an internal tool of awareness and empowerment for children.

Five years ago on May 5th (my birthday), my friend Jeannie, gifted me with a silver coin with the words "I am magical" on it. I am forever grateful to Jeannie for her magical gift because it planted a seed of inspiration in my consciousness that would become the foundation for so many things.

In fact, it had only been a few months since receiving the silver coin that I woke up on a Friday morning with the story for my first book streaming in my mind. That was only days after the idea of the dream catcher looking magic wand came to me during a women's group. I was in the flow of creativity and I knew it. I felt it!

"I am magical" is the affirmation in Kathryn the Grape Just Like Magic (book #1).

A silver coin with the words “I am love,” is the gift Maggie gives Kathryn the Grape in Kathryn the Grape's Piece of Love (book #3).

Why am I sharing this? I want to remind you to pay attention. You never know when inspiration will be channeled through you, or gifted to you through another messenger. I encourage you to pay attention to signs, and trust that the sign you think might be a sign...is a sign! Also, always remember to express sincere gratitude to those who help you along your path. Gratitude matters.

May you always remember that you are magical, you are colorful, you are love.

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Why does Kathryn the Gape exist?

Posted on Mar 31, 2014
Why does Kathryn the Grape exist? Here is a video I did two years ago that shares the WHY. While some things have changed in the past five years since I started waking up at 3am to write, the one thing that has not changed is my purpose.

Thank you to all of you who have been part of the Kathryn the Grape ripple effect so far, and for all of your continued support as we help children feel empowered and loved.

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Planting Trees of Kindness and Love

Posted on Mar 28, 2014
When I was growing up, my mom always encouraged me to read biographies of inspiring women. My elementary school book reports were written about Emelia Earhart, Marie Curie, Catherine the Great, and more.

From an early age I was ignited with the awareness that I could be like them. It was possible that I could be a woman who lives her dreams and her purpose, and impacts the world for the better. I have been gifted with many remarkable role models in my life who have taught me to believe in myself and trust that my voice, my story, my unique messages of love matter.

II believe this is true for everyone! I believe that we are all unique messengers of love and our stories, our dreams, our lives matter.

I saw this graphic posted on The Mankind Project, and I had to share it. Emelia was a woman who lived a brave and visionary life. She obviously was also a woman in the flow of love.

May we all plant seeds of kindness and love as we share our unique messages of love with others through our thoughts, words, and actions.

Emelia Earhart

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This video makes me SMILE

Posted on Mar 11, 2014
I was doing some updates on the KTG YouTube page today, and I happened upon this video. It's been a while since I saw it. I sat and watched Isha and Sana's enthusiastic announcement of Kathryn the Grape's Piece of Love, and I can't stop smiling!

As you may know, every named character in my Kathryn the Grape books are real people. One of the ways I honor people who have had a positive influence on my life is by including them as characters in my books. When I was channeled with the idea for this particular story, I felt a strong sense to include real children as the characters.

When I ran into Isha and Sana in a Las Vegas elevator and they recognized me from visiting their school for an assembly, I knew that they were a sign sent from my guiding Angels telling me to keep going...keep writing...keep sharing messages of love. These two young ladies are special to me in many ways, and I was honored to include them as characters in my third book.

Prior to releasing Kathryn the Grape's Piece of Love, I asked Isha and Sana to share a bit about Kathryn the Grape and this is what they video taped. I adore them!

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SDMetro Features Kathryn the Grape’s Family Choice Awards

Posted on Mar 07, 2014
San Diego Metro

It was exciting to see SDMetro share the news about our four Family Choice Awards today. It has been wonderful being connected with the publication for the past four years, ever since I was honored with their 40 Under 40 Award in 2010. I am thankful for their continued support in sharing newsworthy pieces about the work being done through my company Kandon Unlimited, Inc. (which owns the rights and property of everything related to Kathryn the Grape).

SDMetro magazine cover

SDMetro magazine article

Below is the article as posted online. Or you can read the digital version of the magazine at SanDiegoMetro.com.

San Diego Metro and Kathryn the Grape


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Fame is Fleeting, Purpose is Sustainable

Posted on Mar 01, 2014
kathryn the grape shine shine shine

I often meet people who share about their desire to be famous. I also meet people who share about their desire to live their life's purpose. I've come to understand that while living your purpose can certainly bring forth fame, being famous doesn't necessarily mean you are living your purpose.

While fame can be fleeting, experiencing purposeful living can be sustainable.

May each of us experience the joy of shining our unique and colorful light in the space that sustains us with the greatest sense of purpose.

Shine, Shine, Shine!

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No Grudge KNOW Forgiveness

Posted on Feb 28, 2014
no grudge know forgiveness
This is something I've been percolating on for a while, and I wanted to share. In my experience, the greatest self-gauge of where I am on my life's journey is in discerning what I've fully forgiven and relinquished, and what I'm still creating (grudge) space for.

No grudge, KNOW forgiveness.

May we all embrace the peace of dwelling in the open space of forgiveness.

(Hint, hint... this is a theme to be shared in upcoming Kathryn the Grape media.)

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Kathryn the Grape on Huffington Post

Posted on Feb 21, 2014
I was thrilled to see Kathryn the Grape Just Like Magic on the Huffington Post today featured in Julie Handler's article, 50 More Inspiring Children's Books with Positive Messages. Julie is the co-founder of Positively Positive, and has been a fabulous supporter of Kathryn the Grape. I am so honored to be connected with Julie and her fabulous Positively Positive community.

Here is a link to the article.

Here is a link to Positively Positive.

Kathryn the Grape Just Like Magic

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We Are Love Happy Valentine’s Day

Posted on Feb 14, 2014
We are love. ALL of us! I believe that there is nothing we need to do or say to be worthy of love because love is who we are naturally. We just have to remember who we are, and remove the layers of fear-induced messages we have been shrouded with. Choose love.

Happy Valentine's Day! ‪

We are love

This is page 32 from "Kathryn the Grape's Piece of Love" ~ book #3 in the Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series.

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Kathryn the Grape Series Honored by Family Choice Awards

Posted on Feb 07, 2014

Family Choice Award

Kathryn the Grape Series Honored by Family Choice Awards
Music CD and Three Books Receive Prestigious Recognition

SAN DIEGO, February 7, 2014—Kandon Unlimited Inc., the parent company of Kathryn the Grape Company and Kandon Publishing, announced today that the Kathryn the Grape series—three books and a music CD—has earned 2014 Family Choice Awards. This significant honor, handed out annually since 1995, recognizes the best in children’s and parenting products.

The award presented to Kathryn the Grape Just Like Magic, Kathryn the Grape’s Colorful Adventure, Kathryn the Grape’s Piece of Love, and Believe—Kathryn the Grape Songs for Kids of All Ages serves as a recommendation to families. Candace Evans, Family Choice Awards chairperson, noted that the awards “convey our gratitude and recognition for producing extraordinary products that make a positive difference in the lives of our families.”

Kathryn Cloward, creator of the Kathryn the Grape series, is thrilled to receive this stamp of approval from one of the most coveted, family-friendly consumer awards programs in the nation.

“I’m delighted that the entire Kathryn the Grape series was honored and I’m thrilled about being associated with the Family Choice label, which reflects that our brand resonates with families,” Cloward said. “My intention has always been to share engaging books and music that have universal appeal, and these awards affirm that we’re hitting the mark.”

Cloward is working on the fourth book in the Kathryn the Grape series as well as another music-CD that will accompany it. She’s also overseeing the production of soft-cover versions of the first three books—which will facilitate easier worldwide distribution—in preparation for their translation into at least three other languages by the end of the year.

To learn more about Kathryn the Grape, visit http://www.kathrynthegrape.com.

About Kathryn the Grape®
Kathryn the Grape is a messenger of love.  Weaved within every story and song, Kathryn the Grape’s vibrant messages are meant to inspire others to be loving and kind to themselves and others.  All rights and property of Kathryn the Grape are owned by Kandon Unlimited, Inc., a company dedicated to sharing heart-centered media and products with the world.   

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